How An MBA will Shape Your Career As a Data Analyst

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We are moving towards a period where everything will be dependant on Data, and business analytics and data science will play an important role for every business, be it big or small. In the current scenario we see big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Microsoft, Apple, all of them run on the basis of data. With this, we are seeing an incline in the need of candidates pursuing MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science. If you are already a data analyst and you want to pursue an MBA, here are five ways in which you can shape your career.

1. Untapped employment opportunities

Business analytics and data science is a new concept in the market and it keeps evolving with the ever changing technological and business environment, giving rise to new and untapped opportunities. These reasons explain why there is a lot of unrealized potential and untapped opportunity in these sector. With an MBA in Business Analytics, you can find these chances and take advantage of them. Therefore, if you're eager to try something new and develop a flexible career, this is the profession for you.

2. Gain vital knowledge

A master’s degree always increases your knowledge regarding a particular field. Since data science is a new and emerging field, gaining vital knowledge from industry experts is a must have. With an MBA in Business Analytics and Data science you will be able to gain knowledge on the big data field and get exposure to practical case studies that will help you in your career as a data analyst. 

3. Expand skills

If you want to shape your career as a data analyst, the first thing that you will need is technical and non-technical skills. An MBA in Business Analytics will help you brush up your skills in this field. The modern business market has its own set of difficulties that calls for clever responses and approaches, and doing an MBA will give you the knowledge and skills needed to create such creative plans that meet the demands of the market today. These skills applied by you will also assist businesses in making wise business decisions.

4. A doorway to a global career

Data Analysts is the talk of the town. Every company, be it national or international, is looking for a business analyst. An MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science will give you an edge to a global career. It will open more doors for you in the global market. Leading national and international firms hire professionals with an MBA in business analytics. This offers you the option to have a profession that is appealing to people all around the world and the opportunity to travel while working.

5. Networking opportunities 

The business analytics sector demands daily interaction with various departments. An MBA as we know opens doors for vital networking opportunities. Additionally, this degree gives you the possibility to improve your interpersonal and communication abilities. But not only that! With this degree, you'll learn how to network and create solid, long-lasting connections. 

Business Analytics and Data Science is the future. Everyday, there is about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced. These numbers show the increase in demand for skilled and knowledgeable data scientists. As more businesses and organisations look for business professionals who are data literate, having data analytics skills may position you to be a key decision maker where you can really affect the company's decisions. The Bengal Institute of Business is an MBA college in Kolkata that provides an MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science in Kolkata in association with IBM, that equips its students with the required skills and knowledge. We have weekly corporate interactions with organizations like MIDS, Singapore. The curriculum was developed in conjunction with IBM, and IBM subject matter experts are instructing students and providing internationally recognised credentials. We have over 400 firms that have visited BIBS for recruiting, and 10% of the MBA candidates obtains foreign placements each year thanks to our very effective placement cell.

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