How does BuzzFeed use your data to generate tons of content daily: Case study

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When we speak of media companies, the first name that rings a bell in our minds is ‘BuzzFeed.’ It provides content related to news and entertainment to billions of people across the globe. In its mission to render breaking news, original reporting, entertainment, and other video content, it has created multiple profiles under its umbrella. Beauty, home crafts, travel, and food are its key verticals. 

However, how do we gauge if the content that is being created is successful? This is best possible only through data. Hence, data analytics and data science are crucial departments in the media sphere. An MBA in business analytics and data science allows you to figure the exact formula behind running a successful media campaign. Consistent monitoring of views and engagement across all the verticals is imperative to creating relevant content and generating leads followed by conversion to sales.

BuzzFeed, with its access to competitive data, stays on top of what is trending and observes its competitors closely through a single cross-platform dashboard. With constant monitoring, BuzzFeed holds the power to evaluate the effectiveness of its content and modify it accordingly to address the target interest group and stay ahead of its competitors. 

BuzzFeed has a distinguished way of capturing the constantly moving attention of its interest group and a significant part of their strategy involves how they create their headlines and titles. While pursuing an MBA in business analytics and data science, you can get access to interesting case studies and leverage more hands-on knowledge. We have observed that BuzzFeed tries to start its headlines with numbers. The most frequently used headline structure is a number followed by a noun (mostly plural) followed by a Wh-word and a verb (mostly “will”). Examples of these are quirky titles like ‘32 Funny TV Scenes That Make People Laugh Every Single Time’, 15 Money Management Tips People Wish They Had Known Before College, etc. 

Data Science is a popular job, ranking with over 37 percent hiring growth spanned over the last three years. Every industry has observed pivotal changes owing to analysis derived from Data Science. Various industry domains like marketing, healthcare, finance, banking, policy work, and many others use data science to improve their efficiency. In the sphere of content generation, there are numerous players in the market. The only way one stays ahead is by putting out quality content that induces reaction from the market. That, with the perfect blend of generated data that matures over a period of time so as to be used for upselling any type of business. This sort of recipe taken up by a media company like Buzzfeed is our biggest sign to take up data analytics as a career option. 

As a data analyst, the nature of work involves making sense of large information presented. The insights provided by a data analyst are responsible for guiding major decisions of the organization. MBA colleges in Kolkata offer courses on Data Science and Analytics. Bengal Institute of Business Studies (BIBS) is a prominent name in Kolkata. An award-winning college offers an MBA in Data Science and Analytics with placement opportunities for the students. The curriculum is industry-relevant and students get the relevant exposure to secure a good career.  

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