How is IBM Shaping the Data Science Market? Evolution of Data Science

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Data science is a rapidly evolving discipline that leverages an ever-widening array of tools and capabilities to learn and exploit. Because of such inherent complexities surrounding adoption, integration and support, the data scientist's work can be daunting.

That complexity is one of the reasons IBM set out to bring clarity and uniformity to the otherwise disparate data discovery and analytics process several years ago.

IBM Data Science: The Goal

Create a solution that leveraged the best capabilities in an integrated, collaborative platform that was easy to access and use. With it, everyone from data scientists to business analysts would be able to tackle the discipline and conquer it.

IBM: Evolution of Data Science

The journey started in 1956 when the company established the first practical model of artificial intelligence when a scientist in the New York laboratory programmed an IBM 704.

Later by acquiring SPSS, PwC Consulting, Red Hat and NordCloud, IBM expanded its wings to different sectors to become the market leader in Data Science and AI. Again, with the Data Science Experience launch in 2016, IBM offered its users a solution that integrated the most sought-after development, notebook and analytics tools in a simple-yet-scalable web-based platform for the first time. It also enabled users to connect live with IBM for any support. It was a breakthrough in this fast-evolving corner of the tech industry.

From developing computer programming languages to becoming a market leader in the tech industry, IBM's journey has been long and prosperous.

Learnings from IBM

Few takeaways from IBM's journey:

  1. Acquisition: IBM was smart enough from the early days to acquire potential futuristic businesses and is still continuing to do so. This business move has made IBM the market leader.
  2. Diversified Products & Services Portfolio: As of 2016, these offerings fall into cloud computing, artificial intelligence, commerce, data and analytics, Internet of things, IT infrastructure, digital workplace and cybersecurity. Through the acquisition, IBM has been diversifying its product portfolio in the tech industry, providing business solutions and consulting businesses in strategy, operations and many more.
  3. Innovation & Research: IBM believes in innovation. Since its founding, research has been a part of IBM, and its organized efforts trace their roots back to 1945. With a dedicated research team around the globe who sincerely believe in the power of the scientific approach to invent what's next for IBM, our clients, and the world.

Final thoughts

There has never been a better time to join the data science revolution, which is still in its infancy. Aspiring students now have a rare opportunity thanks to the high demand for data scientists and the shortage of qualified workers. And demand will continue to rise due to the increasing use of data science applications across various businesses and organizations.

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