How is your Favourite Chocolate Brand Acing the Digital Space? Cadbury's Digital Marketing Strategy

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What's the first name that comes to your mind when you hear the word chocolates?

We know it's Cadbury!

But have you wondered how did Cadbury become the 2nd largest confectionery brand in the world?

Cadbury's Digital Marketing Strategy

Cadbury brings moments of delight to our lives every day and on every occasion. Now let's understand how Cadbury uses digital marketing strategies to reach our hearts.

Social Media Strategy: Facebook and Instagram

With different products under the brand name Cadbury such as oreo, silk, 5-star, and many more, the company has set up separate social media pages for the different products. While the social media hold of Cadbury's products is strong on Facebook in comparison to Instagram. The brand runs regular engagement campaigns, such as giveaways on both platforms, to increase brand awareness and connection with the audience.


By far, the brand is most active on Twitter. From engaging with the fans to participating in moment marketing, we can say that Cadbury's Twitter game is strong. One of the most successful twitter campaign by Cadbury UK was #Cadvent campaign.


Cadbury India uses Youtube as its main medium for campaigning most of its marketing activities. Each brand has a separate channel and is updated regularly. The company also uses YouTube Shorts. The engagement is pretty high on the campaigns run on YT. To name a few loved campaigns: ‘Kuch meetha ho jaye’, ‘Kiss me’ and many more.

Key Learnings

Brand Name Visibility

You will always find the Cadbury logo displayed on all its products. This ensures that the customers learn who made their favourite chocolate. The Cadbury chocolates are marketed as "Cadbury's Silk Oreo" and "Cadbury's Dairy Milk Silk." Such branding of the products helps the customers learn the brand name time and again, which increases brand recall value and visibility.


Cadbury has more than 200+ different products sold all over the world. The brand ensures consistency between all the sub-brands under the umbrella name. Maintaining similar colour packaging of the products and adding the word 'Cadbury' behind every sub-product, the brand ensures the branding is consistently retained throughout.

Adapting to the Trends

The wide variety of products offered by Cadbury demonstrates how the company continuously updates its line of goods to stay abreast of the latest consumer trends and adjust to the market's shifting needs. With so many products discontinued, it shows that the brand knows when to stop a product that isn't selling well enough and when to try something new.

For instance, Cadbury will make Dairy Milk chocolate with 30% less sugar in 2019. This move may reflect people's increased attention to leading healthier lives. Nevertheless, despite changes in the market and the products it sells, it knows how to keep its brand strong.

Engaging with followers on social media is one of Cadbury's recommendable assets that significantly contribute to developing an approachable and loving brand image by people of all ages.

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