How Should Students Prepare For Their MBA?

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To do your MBA takes a significant amount of time, money and effort as it is a rather demanding course. More importantly, since it is a rather competitive course, it is necessary to prepare well; not only for your MBA application but also for your MBA coursework.

Here are some ways for you to prepare for your MBA - 

  • Why do you want to do your MBA? - Being an MBA aspirant, you need to ask yourself why you want to do your MBA. It could be for various reasons like increased salaries, opportunities to increase your network, developing your career or even for self-fulfilment. The format of your MBA course will decide which programme would be appropriate for you and which business school would be the right fit for you.
  • Choose the business school that is right for you. - No two MBA courses are the same. While some depend on leadership qualities, others may depend on your analysing and strategizing skills. 
  • Prepare for GMAT and CAT - Most business schools use GMAT and CAT as a way of screening candidates. It is important to get a good score on these tests. However, this area is completely under your control. There are a vast number of preparation tools, classes and practice exams that help you prepare for these exams. Since the study material for these exams is at your disposal, you must use them to your advantage. 
  • Polish your resume, recommendation letters and references -  For your MBA application, you have to submit your resume, as well as professional references. Keep your application as iron-clad as possible and focus on your most recent and relevant work experience. Be sure to include any extracurricular activities or volunteer work that you have done. 
  • Networking Skills - Before you embark upon your MBA journey, be sure to try and grow your network. Networking abilities are one of the most important skills that an MBA student can have. Try and practice your networking skills in any event that you can, be it social or corporate. 
  • Be thorough with your general awareness - Get into the habit of reading the newspaper and being informed about what is happening in the world in the present. This will be beneficial as a few exams have a general awareness section. Additionally, general awareness is very important for your GD and personal interviews. 
  • Time management is the key - Analyse your strengths and weaknesses at the very beginning to improve areas where you are lacking. Time management is important, not just while preparing for your entrance tests, but the entrance tests themselves.
  • Be Organised -  Make sure you are organised and create a timeline for yourself. Submit your applications on time. Although colleges give a considerable window for applicants, be prompt in filing your applications at the very beginning. Different colleges have different entrance exams. Organise your preparations according to the requirements of each exam. 

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