How to Strike a Perfect Balance with a Full-Time Job While pursuing an Executive MBA

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Finding a balance between study, job, and personal life during an Executive MBA may be difficult. Time management is the key factor in maintaining a balance between work and your degree. Therefore, EMBA is one of the best options for those who want to acquire an additional post-graduate degree without disturbing their current work life.

Here's a comprehensive list of tips gathered from the alumni of BIBS who pursued an Executive MBA in Kolkata to help you find the right balance.

1. Set the Right Expectations

It will be hard for you to take on all of the responsibilities while also focusing on academic activities. In this instance, communication is crucial. You can communicate with your boss about what your supervisor can anticipate from you during the EMBA program. Make sure they understand what's going on so that they can help you in urgency. Be vocal about the value of the program and its benefits for the organization you’re working at. Do share your learnings with your co-workers to bring them on the same page as you. Getting an EMBA from one of the best management colleges in Kolkata is simple if you have the support of your boss and team.

2. Prioritize Your Schedule

No one enjoys it if work is shoved on them at the last minute. Share your academic calendar with your team in advance. Map out your availability for tasks that have to be done by you and make arrangements for delegation when others can work it out. In addition to weekend classes, you will also have to keep aside time for study and group projects. Block out those times on your calendar so you can finish work and study both effectively and efficiently.

As a part of an EMBA program, there are projects and assignments that you will receive on an ad hoc basis so make provisions for that.

3. Garner Support from Your Family

In addition to a full-time job, when you choose to pursue an EMBA, it takes away time from your family. Your family members should be aware of your schedule and commitment to the program in advance.

When you choose to go back to college, there will be a need to realign family responsibilities. The key is to ensure your family is on board with you on this decision so that you can make the program most effective. Chart out the things that you can do and you cannot do owing to the program. If you avoid these conversations, it might lead to misunderstandings in the long run.

4. EMBA also Calls Out for Personal Sacrifices

You might have to give up on your weekend tennis matches during the program. Decide what you can do and what you cannot. Learn to say ‘No’ to things that may disturb your focus. It is imperative to set boundaries and maintain them. Talk to your friends about the level of commitment required for this program and make sure they understand that you will be absent for a while.

For this initiative, BIBS has designed convenient weekend batches, keeping in mind the busy schedules of working executives. BIBS provides excellent networking opportunities through which working individuals can broaden their network and meet with top corporate leaders from many industries. Through the placement team of BIBS, the students of the Executive MBA program get a chance of excellent placement options through the college's networking opportunities.

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