MBA In Digital Marketing & Its Career Scope In The Coming Future

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Most youngsters in India are grappling with career issues today. While their prime concern is of being employed, it’s often the choice of career that becomes an obstacle. Most compromise with their dreams and settle with a career that they are reluctant to pursue, while very few end up achieving their goals and live the life they always desired.

An MBA is often seen as a degree of promise and a brighter future. In recent years, several specialisations such as Luxury & Brand Management, Sports Management, and Media & Entertainment Management have added an altogether different dimension to the course.

MBA is now a gateway to endless opportunities that were not available earlier.

The latest to join this list is another MBA that is fast becoming a hot favourite among the youth today and that is, MBA in Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is a new form of marketing that makes use of the Internet, social media, mobile devices, and other digital technologies to promote products and services. There is hardly any industry today that does not make use of this new form of marketing. Therefore, it becomes pretty obvious that an MBA in Digital Marketing holds some serious potential for the future. Though there are both online and offline courses available, the following reasons should tell you how a managerial degree in the same can give you an edge over other digital marketers.

An In-Depth Understanding of All Aspects Means a Better Portfolio

An MBA being a Master’s program explores every facet of any subject, giving its students a comprehensive understanding of the subject and a complete grip over the domain. Likewise, an MBA in Digital Marketing ensures that you get a holistic command over all aspects of digital marketing- be it content curation and management, social media, analytics, SEO, or email marketing. This means you never run short of skills and are always in demand.

Well Paid Jobs Across Different Avenues-

Digital Marketing is both the present and the future. With most industries expanding their presence over the Internet, the demand for digital marketers is not dying anytime soon. Be it manufacturing, healthcare, public services, media, or public people, they all need digital marketers to push their product, service, or brand! And with an MBA degree, rest assured that they’ll pay you well.

Get into Freelancing for Reputed Organizations or Start Your Own Venture-

Being a digital marketer comes with its own perks. Be it working over mediums like Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter or working on websites for different clients, this creative profession can be pursued without actually having to work in a hierarchical structure in an organisation. Your MBA won’t go to waste as you can utilise your entrepreneurial skills to come up with an agency or a company of your own!

Every Industry Needs a Manager with Digital Marketing Skills-

Organisations are not just comfortable with hiring agencies to do their digital work. In fact, they are willing to take it a step further and hire managers who can administer the work of in-house digital departments or co-ordinate with digital agencies who work with the organisations on a contractual basis. In fact, most leading digital marketing companies and agencies today have Digital Marketing Managers who coordinate with every department of a digital marketing agency to ensure timely and efficient delivery of assignments.

BIBS Introduced Eastern India’s First MBA in Digital Marketing Program- 

Bengal Institute of Business Studies, better known as BIBS, is the first institute in Eastern India that introduced an MBA in Digital Marketing program in 2019. The institute has featured on several prestigious ranking lists across the country and has been awarded multiple times by reputed organisations such as the Economic Times and the World CSR Council for its contribution to the field of education.

BIBS is the only B-School in West Bengal with an A++ rating from CRISIL and has been ranked as the 2nd best B-School in Kolkata and 5th best in eastern India, consecutively for two years by the Times of India B-School Survey.

400 plus companies have recruited the students of BIBS. Some of the topmost brands that have recruited its students are Ogilvy, ITC Limited, Nestle, Britannia, Capgemini, and ICICI Bank, among several others.

The PGPDM program at BIBS covers all aspects of digital marketing and follows an up-to-date, completely practical pedagogy, aimed at creating digital marketing managers for the topmost digital marketing organisations across the country. The curriculum includes certifications from Google, Facebook and Hubspot. Apart from this, the program also includes an Entrepreneurship project where students come up with websites of their own that go live on the Internet and stay active during the course of the session. It’s an 11- month program followed by 6 months of traineeship in agencies and companies followed by final placement. The best part is that students are awarded a regular MBA degree from the Vidyasagar University, thus, giving them an edge over other regular digital marketers.

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