Moment Marketing: How Brands are attracting Eyeballs by Marketing at the Right Time

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Digital marketing is constantly evolving and moment marketing has risen to prominence in recent years. Running conventional campaigns that have the same communication is certainly not adequate in today's world. Adverts that are connected to current events can be relevant to customers. That is why, in today's campaigns, moment marketing is so prominent. Through moment marketing, customers can connect with brands both offline and online. To understand today’s market trends, you need to have complete knowledge of brands and trends running in the market. For this, an MBA in Business Management is the best option.

With so many brands battling for consumer attention and so many ads being skipped on TV or OTT platforms, marketers have resorted to capitalizing on memorable moments that consumers are talking about or creating unique moments on a digital platform. Moment marketing is a new-age marketing process to attract customers with the latest trends. 

Brands always want to be in the daily conversation of customers or users, and it is possible when the brand is following trends and talking about trends effectively. There are several ways in which moment marketing helps brands to attract the eyeballs of customers.

1. Joining in the trend makes your brand more popular to a large number of audiences, and this helps your brand become more familiar to the users.

2. When your marketing message reaches your audiences organically in their newsfeed while they are most receptive and willing to listen or participate.

Indeed, all of these are possibilities for brands to create moments that customers will remember long after the campaign has ended. In this digital age, brands are continuously trying to retain their place in the audience’s minds.  Only through the moment marketing brands can organically reach a large new audience 

While brands must take advantage of the expanding trending moments phenomenon, they must also ensure that they do not lose sight of their main target audience or brand promise. The most important thing about moment marketing is that every brand needs to understand which moments could be marketed or mentioned and which should not. The marketer should keep in mind which moment is relevant to the brands. For this, marketers should follow all the trends and need to have a clear understanding of brand values and objectives.

We are all aware of “The Squid Game”, a Netflix Show. The success of this show influences brands to make moments on it and be a part of the trend. Brands like Dunzo and Swiggy referred to the "Red light Green light" game. With the success of Squid Games, brands made several moments on social media.

As a result, to be an effective marketer, you must have a clear and comprehensive understanding of how to promote and sell at the right time.

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