Rising Trend For Executive MBA in India Opens Up More Opportunity

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In a world that’s fiercely competitive, it’s obvious that some get left behind while others move ahead by miles. However, what’s also true is that we live in a world of countless opportunities. This holds very true for the vast number of career options that are coming up every single year. This has led to an increase in demand for more skilled professionals that has led to the birth of several new courses.

One such course that is fast picking up steam is the Executive MBA, also known as an E-MBA. While most Indians still opt for a full-time MBA program, working professionals in India are steadily shifting their interests to an Executive MBA program. As per a survey by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 19% of candidates in India now prefer applying for an Executive MBA over a regular MBA program. In fact, in a survey by GMAC in 2018, India was the second most desired destination for an MBA after the U.S worldwide. Almost 14% B-School candidates opted for India as their number one choice.

While there can be numerous reasons for the rising acceptance of E-MBA in India, some of the common reasons behind these trends are affordable fee structure, increasing competition for regular MBA, rising Indian economy and therefore, demand for more management professionals, and shorter duration of the program.

Executive MBA is an MBA that is specifically designed for individuals who have active professional careers and therefore can’t go for a regular 2-year MBA degree. The duration of the course being shorter than an average regular program, and the pedagogy being completely application-oriented, makes it an apt choice for working professionals who want to see an immediate change in their careers without having to give up their career or invest large sums of money.

While there can be multiple reasons for the growing popularity of Executive MBA in India, here are some major reasons why it is in great demand: 

A Large Number of Unskilled Working Population:

Unlike the west, where most people pursue an MBA to further their careers in the corporate world, it has been seen that here in India, most graduates apply for an MBA, as compared to professionals from the field.

The main reason behind this phenomenon is that most graduates in India are unemployable. This leads to a huge number of people applying for an MBA in India, thus increasing the competition in a country that has more candidates and lesser seats. This is also the reason why a huge number of people skip doing an MBA and so we now have an equally significant number of professionals active in the corporate world, without an MBA degree.

Increasing advancements in the business world and the need to hire the best has led to the companies wanting MBA graduates over candidates without an MBA. This, therefore, puts pressure on such individuals to either update themselves according to the times or get left behind in the rat race.

So what can they do? Do they have the luxury to pause their careers and opt for a regular 2-year MBA?

Obviously not!

This is where an Executive MBA comes into the picture. The program has been designed in such a manner that individuals don’t have to compromise with their careers, and can simultaneously upskill themselves to elevate their careers.

A Reboot Button for Your Career:

After working for a certain number of years in the corporate world, most people lose motivation and the enthusiasm to deliver with the same energy that they had at the beginning of their careers. This is mostly because work turns into a routine and the environment around becomes pretty stagnant. With no external exposure or visible change in their careers, it’s natural that most employees think of quitting their jobs, quite frequently!

As such, an Executive MBA can be that reboot button, to not only drift away from your office space for some time on a daily basis but also come back to it, re-energised and empowered with a fresh perspective and newer skill sets.

Be Your Own Boss! :

Not everyone seems to be unhappy with their salary or their current position at the workplace. Some pay the price for being independent thinkers too! Corporate life is not meant for all. Similarly, not every individual feels comfortable working under authority. Such individuals can deliver their best only when they are left free from restrictions that hinder their growth.

This is one of the reasons why you would see a large number of people dropping out after working for a certain number of years. While for some, it’s a planned decision, for others, a spontaneous one. The next obvious step for such individuals is an MBA.

Naturally, an Executive MBA becomes their best choice in this scenario. An Executive MBA provides everything they need- application-based learning, live projects, networking opportunities, flexible learning timings, and most importantly assistance in developing start-ups.

Every B-School that offers an Executive MBA in India has a special Entrepreneurship program that assists students who have business ideas that can turn into profitable ventures. To add to this, the association of these programs with leading CEOs from the industry provides the students with much-needed guidance before they take their first step as entrepreneurs.

Get A Regular MBA Degree For An Executive Management Program: 

Bengal Institute of Business Studies, better known as BIBS, is one of the most reputed B-Schools in Eastern India and the only B-School in West Bengal to receive an A++ rating from CRISIL.

BIBS has introduced its own Executive MBA program under the name PGPEX. What sets this apart from other Executive management programs is that it has all the benefits of a regular MBA program. With an equally comprehensive curriculum combined with application-based learning and live projects, and certifications to go with it, this is indeed the best executive program in the city and one of the best in the region. The icing on the cake is that you are rewarded with a regular MBA degree from a state university.

Over 400 plus companies have recruited the students at BIBS. BIBS is known for its strong alumni network and corporate connections. With companies like Godrej, Nestle, Deloitte, ITC Limited, and several other big names regularly visiting the campus, BIBS has maintained an impressive record as far as placements are concerned.

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