Santanu Naidu’s Entrepreneurship Journey with Goodfellows: How An MBA Degree Is Important For Start-Ups

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The start-up culture in india has resulted in an ever increasing number of MBA aspirants. For those who are still skeptical about the value of an MBA to startups,be rest assured that the ways in which an MBA can contribute to startup success are numerous, which explains why MBAs continue to be popular among aspiring entrepreneurs.MBA is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs who need proper insight, specific guidance and develop skills to run their start-ups.

Budding Entrepreneurs who are establishing their organizations are countless in number with unique ideas for their venture. One such startup which is grabbing all the attention is “Goodfellows”.

Octogenarian Ratan Tata’s 30-year-old assistant Santunu Naidu started the initiative known as goodfellows. The Start up is backed by Ratan Tata himself who after his retirement from the helm of Tata Sons ltd has been an active investor in start-ups that resonates with him and Goodfellows is one of them.

Naidu, an MBA graduate, started his venture for old age people. It focuses on the well-being of old age people (age 60 and above) and promotes friendship between the elderly and their companions who are around the age of their grandchildren. The initiative is as unique as it sounds. The start-up is centered around the economic and social well-being of the elderly.

What Is All The Buzz About The Start-Up?

After launching the start-up, Goodfellows successfully ran its beta test in Mumbai for 6 months where it received applications from 800 graduates, out of which 20 people were selected. Entrepreneur Santunu Naidu said that the selection of these companions will be based on several criteria such as emotional intelligence and feeling of empathy. The required skills were set after consultation with a psychologist.

The companions are expected to visit the elderly three days a week for four hours and are assigned to ease the seniors' day and talk and listen to them. The eligible candidates are generally graduates. Speaking to the media, Naidu explained that Goodfellow is not an app, it has a website that notifies the sons and daughters about the feature of the initiative and can sign up their parents there.

The data revealed by the Longitudinal Ageing Study released in 2021 showed that about 5.7 percent of the country’s senior citizens live independently, without the support of their friends and family.

Future Plan Of The Start-Up

The start-up ran first in Mumbai during its beta test and Naidu is planning to expand the services to Pune, Chennai, and Bangaluru as well. By the end of the year, Naidu is expecting to have 100 registered companions serving around 250-400 senior citizens and to include curative travel plans with the companions.

Importance of an MBA Program For Startups- MBA Graduates Are More Inclined towards Startups

The extensive training that MBA graduates are guaranteed to have undergone immediately demonstrates the value of a Master of Business Administration. Entrepreneurship training is one of the most important things that an MBA program provides to someone interested in starting a business.

The MBA program offered at Bengal Institute of Business Studies (BIBS) provides the student with learning and hands-on experience that put together graduates to face the real challenges of starting and running a business.

What Are The Benefits Of Doing an MBA In Business Management at BIBS?

Bengal Institute of Business Studies an MBA college in Kolkata, follows a full-time MBA in Business Management affiliated with Vidyasagar University.

  1. Aspiring entrepreneurs in the MBA in Business Management batch will be able to brainstorm fresh business ideas and launch their ventures.
  2. Interactions with the corporate world on a weekly basis to gain a better understanding of the real world. Professionals from over 200 companies have visited BIBS to meet with MBA in Business Management students.
  3. Placement training that is rigorous in terms of soft skills, communication and grammar, behavior, and interview skills, including G.D. and P.I. skills, as well as psychometric evaluation, are conducted which are essential skills for coordinating a start-up.
  4. Students in the MBA in Business Management have the chance to create fresh business ideas and launch their own ventures.

Bengal Institute of Business Studies is one of the top MBA colleges in Kolkata, providing you with the best-curated program designed for you in Business Management.

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