The 7 most Common Behaviours that hold you back from your next Promotion or Job

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People frequently fail to see that certain characteristics may be impeding their performance in the workplace, whether in terms of career advancement or work assignments. If you're being passed over for promotions or increases, or if you're simply struggling with day-to-day responsibilities at work, it's possible that some aspects of your behaviour are holding you back. An Executive MBA programme might help you cross the barrier and escalate your career.

The following are 11 behaviours that may be impeding your achievement:

1. Staying in your Comfort Zone

If you don't step out of your comfort zone on a regular basis, you'll train yourself to be afraid of new and difficult situations. An MBA executive programme can challenge you to achieve your goals. All successful people have gone out and taken risks. Success does not come knocking; you must go out and discover it for yourself.

2. Lack of Self Faith

Maybe you've previously had opportunities to succeed but persuaded yourself that you weren't ready or that you weren't up to the job. This demonstrates a lack of self-confidence. The greatest method for rebuilding confidence is to hunt for small triumphs—no matter how minor—and mentally celebrate them. An MBA Executive programme offers you challenges daily, which enables you to boost your confidence in your current job.

3. Being Dispassionate

Passion gives birth to success. When things go wrong, there is no inspiration, motivation, or perseverance without passion. So, if you have a goal that isn't actually exciting you and you can't rethink why you want it, it might be time to find something different. BIBS offers the best Executive MBA in Kolkata, as claimed by its alumni, and might just help you find your passion in management.

4. Overvaluing Expertise

People who believe they are deserving of being the best are also unlikely to succeed. They spend more time waiting for success to come to them than they do attempting to attain it. If this describes you, you must learn to convert your mistaken belief into motivation. If you want to be the best, you must be able to put that belief into action and take control of your life.

5. The Perfection Trap

While striving for perfection may have helped you get to where you are, it becomes a hindrance as you strive for greater heights. It causes stress for you and those around you because it is based on expectations that humans can meet on occasion but cannot sustain over time.It sets you up for disappointment simply because it is unreasonable. You and the people you work with and for will never be perfect-at least not for the rest of your life on Earth.

6. The Disease to Please

If you're a chronic pleaser, you must be undoubtedly aware of how it limits you. The disease of wanting to please might have impaired your ability to make informed decisions because you are constantly attempting to balance competing wants in the hopes of achieving consensus. It can rob you of the ability to act with authority because you are afraid of disappointing or making people unhappy, even if just temporarily. It can divert your attention away from your goal, waste your time and talents, and add to your overall stagnation.

7. Fear of Failure

Fear of failure can result in one of two outcomes: you may be too afraid to start a project, which commonly leads to procrastination, or you may start but never finish it because it falls short of the ideal you had in mind, which leads to perfectionism.Failure is an essential component of success. To achieve success in life, you must fail repeatedly in order to learn from your mistakes. Learn to perceive failure as a positive step forward. Fear of failing would take a back seat to the challenges provided by MBA executive programmes.

An Executive MBA in Kolkata from BIBS might aid you to challenge yourself and burst the bubble of your comfort zone, while gaining confidence and self-faith to get that next promotion you’ve aspired for.

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