These Jobs you will crack quicker only if you have an executive MBA degree!

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As a working professional, you might find it difficult to commit to a full time MBA program. This is why an Executive MBA has been gaining popularity in recent years as executives and young working professionals find this MBA format more convenient. Some of the other perks of doing an Executive MBA are learning and developing new skills and building a prominent network. 

Another crucial reason why you might want to pursue an Executive MBA degree while working is because it really helps you in advancing your career. Working professionals who want to take on newer challenges and make a big impact in the industry they are working. However, the motivation for different individuals to pursue an Executive MBA degree may vary. Some students get an Executive MBA degree because they hope to get better job prospects, and some get an EMBA degree because they wish to change the industry that they are currently working in.

The skills and knowledge that you acquire during your MBA program help you in advancing your career and also open up opportunities for different careers. When you get an Executive MBA degree, you get the chance to further your career in the same company with respect to promotions and added job responsibilities. 

With an Executive MBA degree, a working professional can pursue a career in Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Management, as well as Healthcare for that matter. In the field of marketing you have career options like that of a public relations specialist , market research analyst, advertising manager, and also marketing manager. 

As a working professional with an Executive MBA, you also have the chance to work in the healthcare sector as a provider contract analyst, corporate pharmacological marketing manager, product development manager, financial officer for a hospital, clinic, rehabilitation center or any other facilities, and in other higher positions. 

With an Executive MBA degree you also have the scope to work in the financial management sector as a corporate financial manager and analyst, corporate accounting manager, corporate treasurer, CFO, and also an investment banker among others. 

Having an executive MBA gives you an added advantage that many of your colleagues don’t have. You get the chance to employ your knowledge in business school at work about the ongoing market trends which gives you an edge over the others. An Executive MBA has a huge impact on your career as it equips you with the required skills that you need in order to flourish in the corporate world. 

As a working professional pursuing their MBA you must find a business school whose timings are convenient and align with your routine. Amongst the many MBA colleges in Kolkata, Bengal Institute of Business studies is one of the colleges that offers an Executive MBA for working professionals. The program has convenient timings and weekend batches keeping in mind the busy schedules of working executives. The college also provides additional certifications for students which really improves their career prospects as well.

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