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To this date, MBA stands as one of the most pursued academic options for students as well as executives around the globe. It stands so rightly because of the potential of return of investment that MBA has to give back to its candidates. However, only a few are able to unlock MBA’s potential to its maximum, if not the fullest.

It is often highly recommended by professors and mentors to consider pursuing MBA as an executive course, that is taking up MBA while also being a working professional. That is the reason why we have seen a surge in people more mature in their age, in their mid to late 20s or above, taking up MBA as a course.

With an uproar in this trend, students need proper guidance along their route as the decision of exec MBA is worth every bit of effort but also needs to be handled tactfully to avoid any kind of overwhelming patch while trying to balance work and study life. Here, we have listed down some key advices that people who have successfully completed executive MBA have offered for anyone trying to pursue the same:

1. Your network is your net worth

There is no progress in isolation. You can be a dedicated hard worker and a highly-skilled individual, but its value decreases by a lot if you don’t land the right opportunity coming via the right people in the industry. The importance of building a good network with your colleagues, vendors, customers, mentors and experts shouldn’t be undermined. You should be in a position to reach out to people and seek help effectively. MBA colleges in Kolkata have a strong base of alumni that can support you in dire situations and guide you in the right direction. 

As you progress in your career, you will have access to more opportunities and contacts if you're connected to the right people. Well-connected personnel in an organization are considered resourceful and smart and are always given more preference in a working space over others as they bring something tangible to the table. Additionally, networking has now become very easy owing to the presence of social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Seek mentorship from relevant people

Whilst working on a job, you’ll be presented with unforeseen situations that will require expertise and experience.  If you identify mentors who can support you through your professional journey, solving these problems will become a more practical task. A course like an MBA for working professionals allows you to connect with many professors and members from the alumni, and industry experts who can mentor you and ease you with elevated support even later in your career journey.

You can have more than one mentor pertaining to different areas of expertise. Have conversations regularly and seek their opinion on different matters. It allows you to have a third-party view of a tough situation and lets you explore an angle that might not have otherwise occurred to you.

3. Find relevance between your work and studies

Getting by your course will be even more fun and practical if you are able to draw and apply regular learning to your office work and vice versa. It’ll enhance your learning experience to the next level, and you’ll prevent yourself from feeling lost in your job or studies. This way you will be able to maintain work and study balance, along with time management; eventually excelling in both places.

MBA colleges in Kolkata are designed to help professionals advance their careers. It is a two-way bridge that requires immersion in the program and application outside the program in real work situations. Bengal Institute of Business Studies offers an Executive MBA in Kolkata. The course is designed keeping in mind the work commitment for professionals, therefore classes are conducted through weekend batches. It presents you with the opportunity of growing your network and building a career with professional relationships. The BIBS placement team is committed to offer varied placement opportunities to its students.

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