Top 4 Shark Tank Pitches we can Learn from - Great product + Perfect Marketing Mix = Good Business!

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The startup culture in India has rapidly grown and evolved over the past decade. With the rise of technology and the increasing number of young entrepreneurs in the country, the startup ecosystem in India has become more vibrant and dynamic.

The rise of technology and the increasing availability of funding have also helped fuel India's startup culture. With the growth of e-commerce and mobile technology, Indian startups are exploring new and innovative business models, such as online marketplaces, on-demand services, and digital health solutions.

This increasing popularity gave birth to the reality show Shark Tank India. Since its inception, Shark Tank India has taken the country by storm. The featured Shark Tank judges and Shark Tank pitches have also created quite a buzz on the internet.

Although there were many wins and heartfelt losses, people across the country loved the pitches.

With this, let's look at the top 4 best pitches so far on Shark Tank India and how their mesmerizing startup ideas took over the investors.

Top 4 Best Shark Tank Pitches

Here are the top 4 shark tank pitches we loved:

Daily Dump

Founded by Kasturi, Daily Dump is a company that creates decomposers in a little bin. Honourable PM Narendra Modi also presented this idea with an award at a Niti Aayog event. Later, Shark Namita remembered running into her at the same gathering. The sharks also barraged Kasturi with several inquiries. Instead of being nervous, she schooled the process. The Sharks were amazed by her confidence. Shark Namita offered to buy 4% equity at Rs 30 Lakh and Rs 50 Lakh debt at 10% interest.


"Mahantam," a company that creates tea-glass washing equipment for tea facilities and markets. Dhaval and Jayesh Nai, the company's founders, advocate the idea that hygiene is not a luxury but a need, which is also a critical issue in this sector.

The Sharks greatly praise the company's founders for inspiring the country, particularly young people, by pushing the notion of entrepreneurs from remote regions and making it well-known in the marketplace. The founders accepted the offer by all the Sharks at 20% Equity for Rs. 30 lakhs rupees.

ZOFF (Zone Of Fresh Food)

Zone Of Fresh Food, aka ZOFF, is one of the emerging players in the Indian spice industry. The founders of ZOFF emphasized their company's favourable economics and plans for their venture's future expansion in their pitch on Shark Tank India. They also displayed their advancements in the industry as well as the expanding need for Indian spices. According to the company, ZOFF has provided services to over 1 million satisfied consumers and is available on popular e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Jio Mart, Zepto, CRED, and Big Basket.

The startup has received INR 1 crore in funding from renowned Entrepreneur and boAt's co-founder and CMO, Aman Gupta, against the equity of 1.25%.


Founders Sahil Chitkara and Kanika Agarwal aim to solve the mental health problems faced by the country. Mindpeers is a firm that relieves mental stress and improves mental wellness. With a patent algorithm, they have a unique system that can assess how your mental state is affected by your financial situation, romantic status, and social standing. They have created tools that can alter behaviour and build new habits, as well as neuroscience games.

They have 3.5 lakhs of active users and have expanded worldwide in the UK, US and Singapore. With such a cause, they finalized a deal with Aman, Vineeta, Namita, and Peyush for 1.06 crore for 2% equity.


A good product and a perfect marketing mix are critical for a startup's success, as it helps attract customers, generate revenue, and build a sustainable and profitable business. A good product alone is not enough, as even the best products can fail if they are not effectively marketed to the target market. Similarly, a strong marketing strategy can only do so much without a good product to support it. A perfect combination of both is crucial for a startup's success and growth.

While many graduates aspire to be a part of such notable startups, an MBA degree can help them gain skills and hustle in the startup environment.

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