Top 5 Jobs in Supply Chain Management That are Attracting MBA Graduates

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Ever thought about the behind-the-scenes of producing your favourite chocolate? What does it take to assemble your favourite gadgets?

A complex world of manufacturing & procurement processes which makes production possible.

Professionals in logistics and supply chain management jobs are crucial for businesses because they ensure that the products are made to perfection and reach the customer at the right time and place.

Graduates in Supply Chain Management apply their procurement and planning skills in the supply chain environment, from handling inventory to making sales. The average Salary offered to MBA Supply Chain Management graduates in India ranges from INR 8-12 LPA.

Why Make a Career in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry?

Supply chains are intricate systems that rely on humans to function properly. For this reason, there are many different occupations in supply chain management. A product's flow from its initial sourcing and creation through distribution is planned, controlled, and executed through a wide range of operations known as supply chain management. Logistics is a supply chain management division that deals with the movement and storage of products throughout their lifecycle. As a result, the logistics sector is a crucial contributor to economic growth and development.

Let's look at a few reasons why you should make a career in this industry:

Employment Growth:

With businesses shifting to digital platforms, the logistics sector has seen a relatively steep growth during the covid times. Therefore, this has increased job scope in the industry, attracting graduates to pursue a career in logistics and supply chain management jobs.

High Pay:

After finishing the Industry Integrated MBA specializing in supply chain management, a graduate is promised around 9-12 LPA after employment. With such numbers, the Logistics and supply chain industry is bound to attract candidates.

International Opportunities:

In Logistics and Supply Chain Management Jobs, one might need to do International travel in the vicinity of the job requirements. You can also get a chance to explore opportunities beyond the borders in the global market. Such career advancement prospects attract students to seek a supply chain and logistics career.

Low Entry Barriers:

Supply Chain Management jobs do not ask candidates for an advanced degree. You can enter the logistics and supply chain management roles with a minimum of an undergraduate degree in any specialisation. Few specific positions in the supply chain industry require you to fulfil particular advanced course or skill requirements, such as supply chain analyst. Because of the moderately low entry barriers, more graduates opt for a career in this role.

Well, we are sure that after knowing about Supply Chain Management Jobs and their future prospects, you might be interested in taking the first step towards the journey ahead. While pursuing an MBA would be a mindful decision, it is also essential to look into the MBA curriculum before hopping for the program. BIBS has incorporated an Industry-Integrated MBA program designed especially for graduates looking forward to making a career in the supply chain industry. In this program, graduates learn over a 6-month course specialised in Supply Chain Management and get hands-on training experience to prepare them for the industry.

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