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Two decades ago, when we imagined advertising, it was through a relatively stable medium such as television or print media. However, with changing times, advertising and marketing have also evolved. With the evolution of the Internet, Digital Marketing has taken precedence over any medium. An MBA in Digital Marketing will allow one to advance their career with a plethora of opportunities. A Digital Marketer is expected to advertise through social media, search engine optimization, email campaigning, influencer marketing, etc. 

Globally, every organization, be it an established multinational company or start-up, has now adopted the method of digital marketing. Regional markets in India have started identifying the undeniable importance of digital marketing and have created specific positions for students who have pursued MBA in Digital Marketing. 

For businesses to capture a market share and build a loyal customer base, Indian companies have adopted and implemented digital marketing techniques as a part of their overall marketing plan. Owing to the pandemic, the convergence of customers through digital media is the new normal. An array of digital marketing agencies in the Middle East intend to hire digital marketing experts to steer their marketing efforts in the correct direction and allow the firm to devise a brand of its own. 

We have curated a list of top digital marketing companies in India by weighing a variety of factors such as job offerings, track record of successful projects, digital marketing expertise, and technology adoption. One has the opportunity to grow beyond measure once hired by these organizations. 

  1. IBM

IBM is helping its clients from multifarious industries to solve real-time problems using effective digital marketing strategies. Their clients are running businesses of various sizes and as a part of the team, you get a chance to work on their marketing strategy. The digital marketing team and data analyst team of IBM takes pride in a few path-breaking projects it has undertaken. It has also worked with the government on a nanotechnology plan. 

        2. PWC

PWC has helped people add value to their business and create strong brands in the market. It is responsible for handling the cluster of the UK, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. In a tenure of 40 years by employing 4500 people in digital marketing, PWC is one of the top choices for job seekers. 

        3. Gozoop

It was formed only in 2010 and has over 20 employees. Gozoop works on integrated digital campaigns, online PR, mobile marketing, web businesses, social media marketing for businesses, and it focuses on achieving the company goal for its businesses. The client lists of Gozoop are Mumbai Indians, BMW, Amazon, Asian Paints, Ferrari, etc. Working at Gozoop has the opportunity to work in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and content marketing. 

Apart from these, there are several other big names such as Oracle, 7G Media, EDS, and Emirates Graphics. While working for these organizations can level up your career, cracking them is imperative. You can begin your career as a Digital Marketing Specialist by pursuing MBA in Digital Marketing from Top MBA colleges in Kolkata. Bengal Institute of Business Studies is one of the Top B Schools in Kolkata that can be your route to success. The curriculum is aligned with industry relevance to ensure you have hands-on experience as a Digital Marketing Professional. Rated by The Times of India as one of the Top MBA colleges in Kolkata takes pride in its placement opportunities for students. 

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