Ways to maximize your remote work experience while earning an MBA degree

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The COVID-19 pandemic is set in 2020. It is over two years now that the world has developed a new normal and the human race is trying to cope up. The pandemic has changed how one interacts, plays, or learns. You aren’t the only one who’s struggling to make peace with the remote working environment. However, like every cloud has a silver lining, work from home too comes with a heap of benefits. 

We have been able to conclude that working from home has increased productivity and one can start and finish their MBA studies too. While a major constraint for full-time employees was no time to pursue an MBA, the remote work schedule allows them the opportunity to acquire an MBA degree alongside their work. 

Pursuing a part-time, full-time, or executive MBA in addition to your job may be extremely challenging, however, these tips will allow you to have an immersive experience without the stress. 

  • Make use of creative tools to collaborate virtually 

Remote workplaces have led to dependence on virtual applications such as Zoom, Slack, and Meet. While these tools have been used primarily for corporate meetings, MBA students can make use of them too. One can create, run and share poll results. Mentimeter and Wordwall allow students to describe their experiences and brainstorm. 

  • Use the saved time productively 

By working from home, employees can save time commuting to the workplace. The study indicates that an average of 8.5 hours is saved by remote employees. One can use the time saved to pursue a Full-time, Part-time, or Executive MBA. Executive MBA for working professionals allows these professionals to attend recorded classes & lectures and study at their own pace. 

  • Create a customized work & study planner 

While multi-tasking may be a challenge, creating a planner to manage work & study separately will help you focus. The best idea is to keep clear boundaries between your studies & work. When you are working, you can allot time to finish your work and then switch to studying. On the other hand, when you study, focus on taking notes by keeping all other tabs shut. 

  • Have a good relationship with your professors 

As a full-time employee, you may be presented with situations where you have an urgent meeting right at the time of your class. In such situations, having a good relationship with your professors will help you finish your assignments without having to compromise with your education. 

  • Set clear goals per week and month 

You might feel overwhelmed with juggling between work, home, and your MBA course. Setting clear goals and prioritizing your schedule will allow you to work effectively. You can plan your schedule in advance and dive into work without compromising either. A creative way to set goals and manage timelines is by devising a 1-3-5 list. You can use Trello to track your progress on work and study. 

Amidst the pandemic, working from home is the only way we can make the most of our college degrees. Students at Bengal Institute of Business Studies have opted for various internships while working from home and this has only benefitted them to understand the practical approach of concepts. The college also allows you to continue your job and your higher education at the same time with a Regular MBA. The placement team has a strong industry network and association with most of the top corporates in West Bengal, allowing students to maximize their remote working experience.

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