What is Ikigai & its relation to EMBA?

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For working professionals, an Executive MBA is a better and much more feasible idea as it gives you the chance to pursue a degree without putting a pause on your career. An executive MBA for working professionals is one of the best ways to improve your career prospects as it teaches you about the current marketing trends which you can apply in your current workplace. Bengal Institute of Business Studies (BIBS) offers the best MBA-EX course in Kolkata, which gives working professionals the opportunity to do their Executive MBA while pursuing their current professions.

An Executive MBA can help you achieve your career goals which might put a lot of things into perspective for you. It brings you one step closer to discovering your ikigai. There are other ways in which an EMBA degree can help you in your road to discovery. 

Once you start your Executive MBA journey, you will notice that the monotonous and stagnant feeling that you may have been experiencing previously, has already started to fade a little. As your degree progresses, you will find yourself moving closer to achieving your goals. 

An important contributing factor during your Executive MBA is the network you build and the connections you make. During your EMBA degree, you will encounter working professionals just like yourself who belong to different industries and backgrounds. Your Executive MBA program gives you the opportunity to interact with individuals from various backgrounds who have a different set of experiences and opinions from yourself. Not only does this give you the opportunity to learn from your peers and grow, but it also gives you another way to look at things. BIBS provides ample networking opportunities for students that help them in their future prospects. They also have convenient weekend batches and their timings have been specifically designed while keeping in mind the busy schedules of executives who would be pursuing this degree.


Another important aspect of an Executive MBA degree is not just the fresh perspective that you gain. You also get the opportunity to acquire new skills, as well as to develop and hone your existing skills. An Executive MBA thoroughly prepares you for the corporate world and equips you with the necessary leadership and communication skills that will assist you in advancing your career. BIBS is one of the top MBA colleges in Kolkata and their Executive MBA program would be fitting for experienced professionals who are looking to go back to business school to further their career. 

The key to achieving ikigai is to find what is the best fit for you and doing your best to follow that path. An executive MBA gives you the chance to explore various marketing trends and gives you an overview of the current corporate scenario. As a working professional, an Executive MBA gives you the opportunity to review your career prospects and explore your options in the corporate world. It is only when you reach your full potential that you will find ikigai.

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