When is the Right Time for an Executive MBA? Prof. Vishwanath Clarifies All Doubts You May Have

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The onset of the pandemic brought a lot of disruptions with itself. The whole structure and functioning of education has changed ever since. Many people look at the pandemic as a turning point in their career and it is necessary to chalk out your future plans.

It is necessary to ensure that by the time this pandemic comes to an end, you will be able to handle the challenges that might appear in the future. Before choosing to do your Executive MBA, it is important to understand which direction you are moving in and how this MBA degree will help you with your future prospects. Your decision should be based on data and information and an informed one.

To help students make an informed decision about their future, Bengal Institute of Business Studies organised a webinar on 22nd May, 2021, which was conducted by Prof. V. Vishwanath, Head of Department, BIBS MBA-EX. 

Prof V.Vishwanath has been an educationist from the very beginning. Though he has had corporate exposure as well, he has always been a front runner in teaching and mentoring management aspirants, which he has successfully done over 17 years. He specializes in mentoring through case-based exercises and Behavioral Training including Psychometric Evaluation and Placement preparation.

In the course of the webinar, Prof. Vishwanath discussed the ideas, aspirations and goals that students have and where they are presently and how they want to proceed from there. He talked about connecting your present way of life with your future aspirations. This thought process has been accelerated even more in this pandemic situation where the economy is struggling and there are not enough jobs available in the market. 

He said that it is important to map your aspirations, as it will help you chalk out a proper plan for yourself as you figure out what are the things you must do from hereon in order to reach your goals. The biggest question that students have is if this is the right time to pursue an Executive MBA. 

Taking a look at market trends, Prof. Vishwanath says that if the economy is on the upside, you would not want to leave your current job and pursue an educational program. When the economy is booming, the purchasing power of people increases and they are more open to new ideas and products. In such a scenario, if you are already working, you would want to continue where you are while trying to get more accolades at the company that you are working in, get promotions, try and go higher up the corporate ladder. You would want to continue progressing in such cases. 

However, when the situation is reversed and the economy is taking a downturn, and the company isn’t expecting much growth for the next few years, and there are no promotions in your company for the time being, then it is the ideal time for you to take up an Executive MBA programme. This is because you are not losing out on anything financially, your opportunity costs are reduced and you can focus on developing your skill sets that are relevant to your career and future prospects which you had shelved for these past few years. 

As the webinar progressed, Prof. Vishwanath shared his insights on the idea of an Executive MBA program, how it adds value to your career and future prospects, and also when would be the ideal time for you to pursue your EMBA degree. 

Prof. Vishwanath addressed several questions that the students had in terms of how an Executive MBA would help their career and how to move forward once you get your degree. The session was an extremely insightful and interesting one. It proved to be an enriching interactive session where the doubts of all students were cleared as well. 

For Executive MBA aspirants in Kolkata, it might be a little difficult to find a college with suitable timings for working professionals. However, at BIBS, the Executive MBA programme has weekend batches and convenient weekend timings specially designed for working executives.The college also provides TRAILS certifications for students which increases their chances of promotions and improves their future prospects.

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