Why MBA matters in Career Building for Working Professionals?

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There often comes a time in your career when you begin questioning your decisions and start evaluating your current position in life, both personally and professionally. Nine out of ten times, the reason is a strong sense of stagnancy that you feel at your workplace, the symptoms of which are a dull environment at the workplace, and a lack of motivation in professional life. This is a feeling that also grips the most successful employees in the corporate world.

To break the monotony and see a much needed visible change, most employees at this point in career think of going for an MBA. These employees are usually the ones who ended up doing a job straight after their graduation and didn’t opt for an MBA owing to a lack of money or pressure to earn early in life.

However, there is still one big hurdle for such working professionals. Taking a pause from your work life is not something that most people can afford especially the ones who have families to look after and therefore need an uninterrupted supply of finances. For such individuals, an Executive MBA is the best option.

Executive MBA classes usually take place on weekends or during evenings post your office hours, thus giving you enough time to learn while you earn. While the prime reason you would want to go for an Executive MBA is to earn more, there are other, more critical reasons that drive one to go for an executive MBA. Listed below are five reasons that should tell you how this degree can prove essential in career building for working professionals-

  • Witness Immediate Impact On Your Current Job -

    What sets Executive MBA apart from other MBA programs, is the fact that you reap the benefits of your efforts almost immediately, instead of waiting for two years. What you learn in your classes, you immediately apply it to your office. This helps you analyze your learning effectively and if needed, even change your approach.
  • Achieve Your Targets Faster and Set Newer Goals -

    Corporate jobs can be too taxing in nature and require immense energy from your side. Working for years with no visible career growth often leads to frustration and dissatisfaction among employees. An Executive MBA in such a scenario will help you achieve your targets earlier than expected and save some precious years of your life, allowing you to have a healthy personal life and also encourage you to set new and different goals.
  • Build A Strong Professional Network -

    One look at an Executive MBA classroom and you realize that it’s full of business professionals from different industries. This gives you a chance to build a solid professional network that could be beneficial to your career. Networking helps you make contact with business managers that could open up new avenues of getting a job in the future.
  • Bring Out the Leader in You -

    Executive MBA programs give you a second chance in life to learn the things that you failed to do in your academic life. These programs follow a practical pedagogy recreating situations that are identical to corporate life and so help you develop the required knowledge, critical thinking, and confidence to deal with the most commonly seen problems in an office environment. Group projects compel you to take initiatives and bring out the leader in you.
  • Start Something of Your Own - 

    You may have secretly wanted to be your own boss someday or there may be an interesting idea that you’ve been living with for years. However, you don’t have the funds or influence to materialize the idea. An Executive MBA program is a great place to meet investors as well as CEOs of top organizations who are constantly on the lookout for innovations that transform the way the world functions. These investors are hard to come by in a regular office scenario as companies don’t expect their employees to contribute in areas beyond their immediate work surroundings.

A number of top MBA colleges in the country have come up with an MBA for working professionals. These programs have been designed to keep the industry demands and changing trends in mind. Cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore currently have some of the best executive MBA programs running in the country.

If you’re looking for an Executive MBA in Kolkata that offers you a comprehensive knowledge of business management as well as equips you with all the latest skills the industry is looking for in a bright candidate, then the program offered by BIBS in Kolkata is the best bet. One of the top MBA colleges in Kolkata, Bengal Institute of Business Studies has been voted as the second-best B- School in Kolkata and the fifth best B-school for two years in a row by the Times of India Group.

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