Why Should Students Pursue MBA in Data Science in the Coming Future?

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Data Science and Business Analytics has become one of the most lucrative and attractive fields that MBA students want to pursue. This field has a lot of potential as the creation of data is on the rise and companies require more and more people who can analyse data and gain helpful insights from it. It is due to this industry shift that the need for specialization in Data Science has increased. 

Students who have an MBA degree in Data Science have the option to work in a wide range of industries. As an MBA graduate you can work in an organization and use your knowledge of data in order to understand the behaviour of the consumer. There is a steadily growing demand for data scientists and analysts in the market as almost all job roles  use some form of data.

Some of the job roles for MBA graduates in Data Science are as follows -

1. Marketing Analyst - As a marketing analyst you will primarily be dealing with data. You are expected to study the current market conditions in order to analyse and understand the expected sales for a particular product or service.

2. Market Researcher - The role of a market researcher involves dealing with data on a regular basis. Your responsibilities as a market researcher include the collection of large amounts of data from consumers, competitors and other entities which you have to convert into actionable insights using a wide variety of statistical tools which can help the business organization in making informed decisions.

3. Supply Chain Analyst - As a supply chain analyst you will constantly be dealing with data where you use quantitative and analytical methods in order to understand the trends and make the necessary adjustments to the supply chain processes. You have to collect data, analyse to look for any problems and then suggest any improvements to the company to make the process more efficient. 

Other career opportunities available for you if you choose to pursue an MBA in Data Science include Logistics Manager, Risk Management, Data Analyst etc.

An MBA in Data Science opens up a whole new world of opportunities for you should you choose to do it. Since there is a growing demand for MBA graduates in Data Science, and the availability of experts in this field is low, the salaries are quite high. Not only that, since the world is steadily moving towards digitalization, data science and data analytics has come to the forefront and is steadily growing as time passes.

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