With an EMBA, Make a Major Movement in Your Career

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There are a variety of reasons why students might want to change careers to an Executive MBA in India or in other countries. A desire to take on more responsibilities and have a greater impact is one of the most potent motivators. Others will have to alter their job functions or industries. Engineers who want to work in product management, product managers who want to work in business development, and technologists who want to work in business operations are all scenarios that are prevalent. Transitions may be aided by attending classes and seeing students who work in other fields.

For students considering a career shift of any kind, one of the Top 10 B-Schools in Kolkata has enlisted a few steps that will make your career shift easier.

Conduct a research

Learn as much as you can about a new job's day-to-day obligations. Talking to peers, conducting informational interviews, completing web research, and undertaking practical class projects in that subject are the best ways to gain information. Exploring opportunities within your current organisation should be part of that investigation. Staying with your current organisation, where you've established a reputation, but in a different capacity, could be an excellent opportunity to make a transition.

Create strategies

If you find anything that is a good match, the next step is to devise a highly targeted strategy. The extent of the plan is determined by the magnitude of the shift. Make a plan and double-check that it is clear and that you understand the precise actions, difficulties, and resources required.

Become a networker

One of the Top B-schools in Kolkata advises that students should leverage their connections to open doors and put themselves in front of decision-makers. Students can learn more about whether a specific industry is a good fit for their career objectives. With networking, you will be able to interact with different individuals working in different departments of companies. This will give you an insight into all the departments and will give you a chance to choose the one that interests you the most.

Rebrand yourself

You may need to do some personal rebranding before you start applying for new programs. This is especially vital when changing careers, because your previous experience may not clearly correspond with your intended goals without some thought and planning. An MBA for working professionals from BIBS, initiates workshops on resumes and LinkedIn for students to help them build their brand.


Expect to be questioned about your background at a job interview because it most likely does not fit the mould for this position. Make sure you have reasons for how you can be resourceful to get the work done, as well as accomplishments that show your agility and ability to produce results that matter to the new firm. This entails conducting mock interviews in order to anticipate questions and plan meaningful, results-oriented responses.

Changing careers or job functions takes a lot of effort on your part, but with an EMBA from The Bengal Institute of Business Studies on your resume and the help and resources of our EMBA career team, it's a lot easier.

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