Learning with BIBS – Jinia’s Experience

Jinia Bhattacharyya – one of those bright young minds who decided to pursue PGPBM (Marketing) from BIBS and finally got a placement with Britannia. In this write-up, we will tell you a story. A story of a girl, who has proven that genuine hard work and meticulous guidance are the key ingredients for the recipe of success.
Finally, when we managed to get an appointment with that busy lady, she poured her heart’s content and told us how BIBS became the friend, philosopher and guide throughout her entire journey to success, against all her odds.

Q: Kindly share your experience and feeling of the day before your campus interview.

A: Honestly speaking, before that interview of Britannia, I had appeared for some more interviews with companies like Godrej, Johnson & Johnson and Nestle. My interview with Britannia was just a couple of days after the Nestle, so I was already through the process of being interviewed by various organisations and that helped me a lot. Though a palpitation was there in my mind.

Q: As a B-school, what unique thing of BIBS helped you most?

A: Apart from those theoretical classes, BIBS provided us with various practical exposures related to product launch, marketing strategy and so on. It acted as a finishing school with everything a student would love to take part. In addition, the most important thing is, they deliver everything as per their commitment.

Q: What are the differences you see in yourself before and after studying at BIBS?

A: Though I was from a marketing background, however, I had some lacking related to soft skills and communication skills. I was also not confident about giving a presentation. BIBS helped me out from everything related to business etiquette and so on. Beside conventional education, they also helped me in developing marketing skills.

Q: Why BIBS and not any other B-school?

A: My primary reason was the low budget offered by BIBS. Moreover, they offered us with effective and industry standard materials, which helped me a lot in getting the right things within the right time.

Q: Any suggestion for those looking for an MBA in Kolkata?

A: Every student should make sure that the affiliation and recognition of the institution is a proper one. But a student should be aware of the fact that, most of the institutions fail to attend their commitment. I’m glad that I joined BIBS, the only institute that fulfills its commitments.

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