Is an Executive MBA at BIBS Worth It?

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Unlike the traditional full-time MBA programs, executive MBA programs give individuals a chance to explore the corporate world while getting a master's degree. Students who pursue executive MBA programs are already working. They pursue an executive MBA to improve their leadership skills and communication skills. However, because these full-time managers have extensive work experience and are already familiar with the fundamentals of business, they frequently seek advanced business courses that delve into the complexities of various management challenges. People, who look to pursue an executive MBA in India often have a question: is the executive MBA program worth it? The Bengal Institute of Business Studies provides an executive MBA in Kolkata that will not only help you get exposure but also help you earn a degree. Here are four reasons why an executive MBA at BIBS is worth it. 

Return on Investment

While selecting an executive MBA program, it is essential for you to analyse the return on investment it is going to give you. If you are thinking of pursuing an Executive MBA in India, within three years of completing the degree, you can expect a return on your financial investment in the form of a salary increase. According to a study conducted by the Bengal Institute of Business Studies, EMBA graduates earn a 14 percent salary increase after graduation. If you are looking to pursue an executive MBA at BIBS, you can be rest assured about the return on investment.

Networking Opportunities

An executive MBA provides students with the opportunity to network with a diverse group of people who belong to different departments. In this way, the students are able to build a foundation for expanding their professional network. At BIBS, the students who pursue an executive MBA come from a variety of backgrounds, which means you will get ample opportunities to network and build your professional spread.

Increase Your Managerial Skills

Most EMBA programmes involve business coaching and leadership development. These assist you in gaining knowledge about your managerial style and becoming a more effective leader. If you are planning to pursue an executive MBA at BIBS, you will be able to gain managerial skills, as at BIBS we provide you with corporate training. This gives you a chance to explore your managerial, analytical, and problem-solving skills. At BIBS, you get to be involved in group projects that help you built your team management skills. 

Placement Opportunities

An EMBA will also provide you with unique opportunities after graduation. This is due to the fact that certain programmes provide graduates with networking and career support. At BIBS, we have a 100% placement record for the year 2022. Many esteemed MNCs like Aditya Birla, Google, Reliance, Dabur, and 400+ companies visit the campus for recruitment. BIBS is the only MBA college in Kolkata that gives you corporate exposure and endless networking opportunities that give you an edge over others.

Given the information presented above, you must be curious if an EMBA is right for you. There are various other factors that you might consider while selecting the program, like the fees, flexibility, and the rankings of the college. With the Bengal Institute of Business Studies, you can pursue an MBA for working professionals with all the above mentioned facilities. It has great faculty and a curriculum through which you can become a great manager. If you are looking to do an executive MBA, BIBS can be your choice.

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