PGPEX Program Helps Working Professionals To Fetch More Salary

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Postgraduate degrees are no longer a choice for students in 2020. Not only has it become more competitive for graduates, but COVID-19 has also made mid-career management programs extremely rewarding and beneficial for working professionals. India’s top business schools are offering dynamic programs that help professionals apply for senior managerial positions in their companies. Unlike full-time MBA programs, PGPEX programs are fast-tracked and can position you for a raise in your company.

High salaries and promotions have attracted many aspirants to this course. Around 54% of the executive MBA candidates get increased job responsibilities and 39% are awarded promotions. The average salary of an Executive MBA ranges from INR 9 to 15 lakhs.

We all have a purpose in life and want to hit the bull’s eye. Before jumping into the job opportunities after an MBA, it is important to analyse the purpose of pursuing an MBA course.
- Many prefer the MBA degree to acquire the skills required to start a business or a start-up to turn into an entrepreneur.
- Gives scope for an innovative outlook.
- Acts as a great career shift for people who are not satisfied with their existing career.
- Gives a new dimension to one’s personality.

Here are some reasons why an executive MBA program can be a good choice in 2021.

Need to upskill:

If career progression is in your mind, upskilling with a suitable course is the right decision. Upskilling not only helps you to get a better job opportunity but also helps you settle for a better monetary package. This is the need of the hour as it helps you stay up to date in the industry. Many job seekers acquire one qualification stick to that one skill for years without upgrading their knowledge. With industries evolving, new recruiters are looking for more skill-based employees to hire. With limited skills you will be employable for the same job roles, this will bring out redundancy in the workspace. Pursuing new skills you bring in a gateway of new roles and accept new responsibilities.

Development in career: 

Executive MBA changes the business mentality and through the mastering of strategic corporate issues, it develops one’s capacity of entrepreneurship. This helps in enhancing your career and getting an additional qualification while working.

High Salaries: 

Every employee in a corporate structure wishes to climb the corporate ladder in their own field of work. Research suggests that employees with an executive MBA degree have high chances of getting promoted.

Networking Opportunities: 

The structure of Executive MBA is designed for students as well as workers who can study part-time while maintaining their careers and networking opportunities, which is an added advantage to their CV. Working professionals who are pursuing an executive MBA in Kolkata have said that one advantage of this degree is that they can reach out and interact regularly with experts and senior executives and learn more about the position they wish to achieve in their company.

Bengal Institute of Business Studies, Kolkata’s best-ranked Business School has very promising MBA programs for its candidates. MBA courses in Kolkata have gained a lot of attention these years because of the changing business environment. The skills developed are also the best tools you have to adapt to the unavoidable change of industries, the marketplace, and the ways people do business.

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